About us

Economic activity in most sectors of the economy is more or less related to the use of water resources, construction and operation of hydro-technical utilities.

Tandem Project, LLC is one of the few organizations that is capable of performing inspection and repair and restoration work of underwater parts and elements of hydro-technical utilities.

The organization employs hydraulic engineers, builders, divers with experience in the design, construction and operation of hydro-technical utilities.

The organization is equipped with the necessary software, diving gear, special equipment and tools for carrying out concreting, electric welding, metal cutting, dredging and bottom-cleaning operations by the method of hydro-mechanization, equipment for underwater video shooting and video film editing.

The organization is ready to cooperate with enterprises interested in the design and construction of hydro-technical utilities, diving inspection of underwater parts so as to determine their technical condition.

The customers of our organization are the largest enterprises of the Russian Federation, such as: MOSTOTREST, PJSC; TECHNOPROMEXPORT RT, LLC; Vodokanal Uzhnogo berega Kryma; SUE RK, Voda Kryma, SUE RK; Mosvodokanal, PJSC; Mosenergo, JSC; EuroSibEnergo, JSC; Gazprom energo, LLC; Yakutskenergo, PJSC; OGK-2, PJSC; Administration of the City District of Balashikha; Administration of the Shchelkovsky municipal district; RusHydro, PJSC; capital construction management of the Republic of Karelia and other large organizations that have on the balance sheet and operate various hydro-technical utilities.

The organization cooperates with the leading institutions of Russia: Lengidroproekt institute; VNIIG named after B. E. Vedeneev, JSC; Research Institute of Energy Structures, JSC, Gidroproekt institute.


The strategic direction of the organization's activity is the implementation of specialized activities, with a guarantee of their compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements based on many years of experience.

The strategic objective of the organization quality wise is:

  • providing a stable financial and economic situation of the organization by expanding the scope of activities in the domestic market, by the competence of staff, by the integration of new technologies;
  • leadership of the management, teamwork, focus on the overall result, implementation of activities aimed at continuous improvement of services, processes, management system and quality.

When building a Quality Policy in the daily activities of the organization, it is guided by the following fundamental principles:

  • an individual approach is provided to each client;
  • cooperation with suppliers should be carried out on mutually beneficial terms;
  • reliable source of information is the key to correct management decisions;
  • creating the environment where each employee is interested in the result of their work;
  • motivation of all the stuff of the organization on quality assurance and professional development;
  • ensuring the compliance of the quality management system with its requirements and continuous improvement of its effectiveness;
  • usage of a systematic approach in any case.

Our goal in the field of quality is to achieve, maintain and strive for continuous improvement of the quality of our work, aimed at fully meeting the established and expected requirements of clients and other interested parties.

The leadership of the organization, represented by the Director, undertakes to steadily pursue the implementation of the Quality Policy and to achieve the set goals.

It was put into effect from 01.01.2014.
Order No. 24\1 of 01.01.2014