Underwater technical, construction, and repair works

Highly qualified specialists of Tandem Project, LLC do the following types of work:

  • restoration or complete replacement of individual elements, structures, and parts of the construction, damaged due to natural factors (filtration and corrosive qualities of water, atmospheric influences, temperature fluctuations), and mechanical impact;
  • increasing the strength and changing the dimensions of individual parts and structures, bringing them in line with the changed design loads;
  • correction and replacement of elements and structures with the drainage of underwater parts of the structure (lock chambers, suction pipes of the hydroelectric power station) using repair barriers and temporary bridges, correction and replacement of individual elements and parts of the structure under water (diving operations);
  • restoration of damaged profiles of earthen, stone, reinforced concrete pressure structures (dam), elimination of drainage damage, fastenings of slopes, roadways and other elements, installation and restoration of retaining walls, enclosing structures;
  • correction of the body and fastenings of slopes and the crest of protective dams (widening, raising marks, flattening the slopes, replacing fastening materials with a stronger and more durable one);
  • partial repair or complete replacement of structures of ship-lifting and ship-repair structures (slipways), oil and gas energy platforms;
  • dredging and cleaning works in the water areas of sea and river ports, ship passages with the restoration of their technical and economic parameters due to operational requirements;
  • removal of bottom sediments and biological organisms in canals and sluices, in water intake facilities;
  • immersion of elements using piling equipment;
  • alignment of underwater foundations of hydro structures, underwater concreting, welding, and cutting of metal;
  • geodetic control during the process of performing the main types of underwater hydro engineering works.