Bottom deeping and bottom cleaning works using hydro mechanization tools

Bottom deeping works are a type of excavation works carried out under water at the bottom of a reservoir with the aim of creating or deepening existing waterways to ports, building berths, bridges, and other hydro structures, laying pipelines underwater, as well as expanding and increasing the depth of reservoirs.

There are two types of dredging works:

  • capital dredging works are carried out to improve shipping conditions and during the construction of hydro facilities;
  • operational dredging to clean the bottom of reservoirs from silt, sediments that hinder the operation of navigable waterways and hydro structures.

Tandem Project, LLC has qualified personnel and appropriate equipment to carry out dredging and bottom cleaning operations.

When performing work, small and large dredgers with an electric or diesel drive, excavators (located on pontoons with a digging depth of up to ten meters), self-unloading non-self-propelled scows are used.

When dredging, we carefully control the depth and profile of the treated areas and monitor the amount of soil removed. The results of the work are documented in the technical report.